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Slackk on Rinse FM 18/06/2013

It’s always great to hear some real balls-to-wall and gunshot-to-face grime music on Rinse, which now seems to mainly push house music (but then whaddayagunna do about it, since house is dominating London and the UK these days?) - and grimetapes.com creator, producer and DJ Slackk provides two hours of it here. 

I’ve noticed, especially lately, this innate instinct I have to sort music into ‘better/worse’ categories, to bring all sorts of outside factors in to my judgement of a tune in order to ‘settle’ it in its ‘correct’ place. Well, maybe that’s wrong - after all, I have been enjoying the Clairvoyants’ show on Rinse lately, which is extremely hard and repetitive techno, and then also stuff like this Slackk set, where every tune seems to explode with complex rhythms and mad sound effects (the use of voices ”uh!”s, ”yeah”s etc. as percussion, and gun-shots of course). In both cases its aggressive energy but its ultimately a different degree, creating a different emotion even… And both emotions are as 'valid' as each other - and, needless to say, the nu-House stuff like Disclosure, Ame, Jessie Ware, Duke Damont has its own emotional pull and doesn’t need to be derided in order to boost a rawer product.

Even so, I’m more inspired to produce myself listening to this - this isn’t music created to provide a (albeit brilliant) soundtrack to dancing in the sunshine to, its music expressing something extreme and so wilfully, urgently, FEROCIOUSLY inventive.

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