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Young Scooter feat. Gucci Mane - Work (2013)

Zay on the track. Scooter sounds like Gucci for a lot of this tape, and also sounds a bit like Future (both of whom appear several times on ‘Street Lottery’). You get the feeling that all three of them are on as many drugs as they claim to be peddling, with their slurred sing-song raps and playful, mildly surrealistic imagery. Clearly there’s something in the water in Atlanta (or the  styrofoam cups).

I’m surprised/relieved that some sort of term like ‘psychadelic trap’ hasn’t been coined yet, because something like that seems to be happening with these rappers (and with producers MikeWillMadeIt and Zaytoven, who’s been doing this sort of thing for years) - it’s a weird conjunction of murderous gangsta rap and blissful (going-on numb) intoxication. The trance-like tinny synths, which in European dance-music signify collective blissed-out communion become something else in the context of gangsta rap, where its always the ego that’s paramount: I got the cars, I fucked your girl, I’ll shoot you if you try to compete with me.

I’m likely to mention in my review of this mixtape the strange melancholy that hangs over this tape (and is directly confronted in tracks like ‘Made It Through The Struggle’), like a fog. The lugubrious pace of some of the tracks, as if its a struggle just to rap, the ‘Permanent Scar’ Future rapsung about on ‘Pluto’.

'Turn Out The Lights' by Future, this week, really has struck me more and more as the piece of godlikegenius that others have been saying it is. Not just as a tune (though that it is), nor just as a piece of masterful production (though that it is - is MikeWillMadeIt the next genius rap producer? Given Lex's somewhat limited range?) - but as a song about frustrated dreams, about the world letting you down. Almost like Future, as drug-warped as he sounds, is struggling to snap himself out of the haze in order to get what he's looking furrr. But he can't.

It’s not just Atlanta rappers, either - think of ‘More Bandz’ by King Louie and the autotune experiments of Keef’s album. Is this drug related? Depression related? Or simply the latest trend (Future being a huge influence in this regard, though of course Lil Wayne and many others before him)? In any case, avant-garde experiments continue to happen where they might be least expected to (by snobs). 

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