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Fiend feat. Curren$y - Champagne (2012)

The quicker these two make a mixtape together the better. Everything they do together is oh-so-fficial. With Wiz and $pitta, there’s a ying-yang contrast between energy that can work well, but Fiend and $pitta are basically two shades of the same mahogany leather Laz-Y-Boy. They’re both operating in a gear that falls below first and neutral - they’re both sitting in Lamborghini beats, smoking a big swisher with Barry White on the stereo and completely forgetting to turn the engine on (that late late night trip to Tescos for a packet of cookies and a big bottle of milkshake for Young Roddy).

Fiend could record vocals for The Sounds of The Rainforest tapes - that’s how smooth he is. One hour of Fiend talking about driving candy-apple coloured cars and making expansive love to strippers over the sound of insects mating in nauseous contortions of limbs and mandibles in the middle of the swarming darkness of the Amazon basin and I’d be sleeping like a drugged baby. 

They possibly should stop smoking weed together, though, as they look like they’re on the verge of dying here. Either that or their eyes have stuck that way through scanning the horizon for police boats all day. What this video is missing is the bit when Curren$y starts hyperventilating because he can’t find his ”The Pope Smokes Dope” grinder and Fiend has to soothingly talk him out of jumping overboard, before throwing a marijuana-leaf patterned bedsheet over his trembling body and playing ”Redemption Song” by Bob Marley on the accoustic guitar for six hours while one of those girls is discretely sick over a coral reef.

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